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This is the best decision I’ve made all year, joining 42o capitol has given me a new understanding about the stock market..I always lost money in the past … and i mean ALWAYS! since joining all the groups it has helped me not only understand that I was in the dark but now I’m up 47% in my investments since joining. Justin and Rick have been great always answering my questions and taking time in the beginning to help me get ahead. Love my new Family!!

42o Member

If your looking to learn what day trading is REALLY all about, there is no better place than this !

42o Member

Since joining 42o Capital my understanding of the mj sector and stocks in general has increased enormously. Being part of this community is like being enrolled in a stock course in any college, yet I can choose when and what I want to learn. Most importantly I get to test what I have learned on a daily basis. If I am struggling with something or need advice the group leads are always there. I know I will be here for some time and would recommend 42oCapital to anyone interested in investing/ trading.

Michael S
42o Member

This is where I get the immediate news releases with credible feedback at the same time. Justin keeps this team on track and I couldn’t even imagine not being a part of this team now. Nothing out there can even come close to the knowledge, education and team effort that you receive in this group 🙂

42o Member

This group helped me become a confident and educated trader through the various perspectives of others in the group.

42o Member

Great group. Great people. Great support. Will only continue to get better over time.

Still new to the trading and investment world, but I have learned a lot but just by watching Justin’s videos and how people consider positions for their plays. Justin really puts in a lot of time and effort to help this community’s members to potentially make gains and grow via his videos and daily posts. I have befriended people in here and have been saved from FOMO or just poor entries in MJ or other stocks.

This is no Stocktwits, Stockhouse, or Reddit community nonsense where people will pump stocks without meaningful reasoning.

This group is worth joining, especially the membership portion – even if you’re not a daytrader per se and just want to learn. Justin and the other community members really put in efforts to help everyone make gains, reduce losses, and avoid bad habits.

This community will continue to grow, definitely consider joining.


I’m new to trading, less than 6 months. I made all the rookie mistakes and wasn’t having much luck. That all changed when I joined slack. I knew about Justin from his posts on another app so I was all in when I saw he started his own group. Today I turned my first big profit (3.5k) and I couldn’t have done it without the great community in 42o!

42o Member

Justin is both a dedicated teacher and trader. The community he has created is an educational gold mine for traders of all levels. The knowledge and commitment to work together is exciting to watch. Joining this group is a must if you trade the mj names.

@ Mainelystocks
42o Member

I’m a relatively new trader and since joining I have learned so much. This is a great group, fun and not intimating. Member are always will to help a newer trader. I am so grateful to be a member of this group.

42o Member

Been swing trading seriously for three years but the knowledge of this group has taken it to a whole new level.  Very supportive and knowledgeable.

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