42o Capital is a stock trading technical analysis community based on Slack – primarily focused on the Canadian Marijuana sector and the broader US & CDN markets.

Best Group

Intelligent, Dedicated, Loyal and Fun

Join a passionate community, from humble beginnings. 42o is dedicated to levelling members up and community success. We are here to help you, help yourself — as members level up, the community strengthens and blossoms.

Trading With Confidence

With a unique camaraderie, 42o is a casual place to discuss stocks in real-time during trading hours, including; entries, exits, setups, charting, strategies, news, FA, TA, options, calendar & news events.

Primarily focused on the Canadian Marijuana sector, and expanding to the broader US and CDN markets.

We welcome you to join the 100s of analysts currently in the community, now let’s go make some money!


There is no other group of people I would rather be on this journey with. I have so much fun, enjoy the camaraderie, and learn something every day. When trading is this enjoyable with great people, you can’t wait to get up in the morning!

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Work with our team to explore different techniques and strategies, develop your own and generate consistent profitable positions.

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